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ELMAP obtained via the AFAQ, is ISO 9001 version 2008 since January 2010. The company has also since then software quality management system very efficient with the objective of managing all its processes optimally. This approach allowed also to make the system more dynamic with a real-time access to all of its components.

The quality system for ELMAP is a real tool for business management. It also allowed the company to manage the strong growth it has experienced since its creation without the quality of the service offered is the least affected.

Quality at ELMAP is based essentially on an operational approach through process control (5M) and the systematic optimization of working methods. The operational culture, highly appreciated by customers of the company in connection with the audits they perform regularly, has also improved product quality.

The local production and storage of ELMAP are controlled in terms of work environment (T ° C and H%), protected against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and organized according to the 5S method.

The quality policy is based on the five areas for improvement include:

-Continuous improvement of product quality
-Development of client portfolio
-Piloting of the organization's quality system
-Listen permanent and efficient customer
-Qualified and motivated staff